Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dawn LIE

Okay, this post has nothing to do with my blog, but I'm really disgusted with Proctor & Gamble. I've used Dawn dish liquid for nearly 30 years because I love the scent - no matter what's in your sink, this detergent always overrode the odor, making washing dishes somewhat pleasant. I also used this product in combination with laundry detergent (only a capful) on my whites - whiter and fresher odor...

So, they changed to Ultra Dawn and changed the scent - no problem, I continued to buy "original scent" non-ultra Dawn. Last time I bought two bottles. I opened one and it was NOT the original scent. It was a smelly awful perfume scent that made me feel ill. I don't do well with perfumes, and can only tolerate certain ones. So, I figured I got a bad batch? I emailed Proctor & Gamble and this is what they replied to me with:

Thanks for contacting us.
I'm sorry about your experience with Dawn. We have changed the scent to our Dawn Original Formula. Your satisfaction means a great deal to us so I'm also responding by postal mail. Look for my letter to arrive within the next 2-3 weeks.
Thanks again for getting in touch.
P&G Team

What? They changed the scent of "original scent?" How can you change something and still call it the same name? That's so completely misleading - I wrote them back to clarify, and they stated, "I know it's frustrating when you find the perfect product and then we change it. I'm sorry you're disappointed with the changes we've made to Dawn Original. Your feedback is important to us, and I'm sharing your comments with the rest of our team."

So it's official, anyone who ever liked this product. Original scent is NOT original scent, it's a new, disgusting scent. I went to the store and sniffed every dish detergent until I found a lemon one that I could live with. Unfortunately, it doesn't cut grease as well as Dawn did. So there's my gripe for the week, LOL. And maybe anyone who saw me sniffing all the detergents will now understand...


New Beginnings said...

Quick go to other stores in you are and sniff to see if they have any of the original original. You may find several bottles of the old stuff somewhere.

I swear sometimes I think people are following me around in the stores and what ever I buy more than 2 or 3 times they discontinue!


Caryagal said...

THat is so irritating!! I loved the original scent. if they're going to change, then just make a new name. It isn't original anymore. it is something else. discontinue the original. Those marketing things make me so mad!


Paul said...

Reesa, it is annoying, you have my sympathy. *G*
I hope that you find a suitable replacement.
Warm hugs,

Kallisto said...

I totally sympathize, especially since I can tolerate so few things that have a scent. And I agree, it is no longer "original" if they have changed the scent!

Reesa Roberts said...

LOL, PK, I've already done that - no one has the old version so far... but I'm still looking! And yeah, everyone, there's been many products I loved that got discontinued, but that's a lot different than false advertisement.

Today I got a letter from Proctor & Gamble with an apology and two coupons. The coupons were for free bottles of DAWN liquid. Like I'm gonna buy the product I now hate? What the heck? LOL anyone want them?

Thanks, y'all!

Anonymous said...

SO, it's now two months later, and this has just happened to me...I googled Dawn original scent complaint, and found your blog post. So very VERY frustrating. Thanks for writing about it.

Lyn in Indiana said...

Hello Reesa,

Yes, I too came across your blog regarding Dawn. I wrote a LONG email to the company complaining about the bad quality of Dawn now... the great product that I have used for 30 years as well. Dawn was the only dish detergent I ever bought. Now it's crap. Here is the response I received from Proctor and Gamble CS. : DUH! What do they take us for....What a joke!

Hi Lyn,

I'm sorry you were disappointed with the amount of suds. While most of us like suds, it's the surfactants (cleaning agents) in dishwashing liquids that really do the cleaning. If you prefer a lot of suds, here are some tips you can try:

-- Add the dish liquid to the sink before adding water.
-- Run your tap water at high pressure.
-- Swish the solution with your hands to get the suds level you prefer.
-- Use more detergent if you have hard water or you're cleaning very greasy dishes.

I hope this helps. We appreciate your feedback and I'm sharing your comments with the rest of our team.

Your satisfaction is important to us, so I’m sending you a coupon. You should receive it at the mailing address you provided within the next 2-3 weeks.

Thanks for stopping by.

Dawn Team


"If you prefer alot of suds... don't buy DAWN!!!" I guess I'll be changing brands! It's pretty clear PG doesn't take their consumer's comments seriously.

Reesa Roberts said...

Hello, Lyn! Heck I didn't even notice the suds had decreased, LOL. Just another unneeded changed in the product. Thanks so much for adding to this discussion!


vonnie said...

i tried to email proctor and gamble.. and their site was so messed up that i couldn't finish the letter or scroll down to click on the send button.. i don't think they want to hear from us.. i don't think they care.. it's pretty sad when a company gets so big for it's britches that it just doesn't need its customers any more

Reesa Roberts said...

Hi, Vonnie!

Here's their email so you can write them directly...
I can't believe they won't even let you use their site to contact them anymore!
Thanks for commenting!